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I need 3 papers only about my education class that you will write how it is great to have Dr. Miller, Tracy as a professor for me and how nice for me to be an education class with Americans students. and I learned a lot from them, from their culture and there ethnicity. 

Here is what my class about read it and it will give you a view about what should you write! thank you,  

Students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity as it relates to socioeconomic status, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation, familial structure, religion/spirituality, national origin, learning style, and appearance. (INTASC 3,6,10)
  • Identify the characteristics of bias as a universal reality and the impact of bias on people’s lives. (INTASC3)
  • Identify and examine their own biases and assumptions in various contexts.(INTASC 3,10)
  • Identify systemic barriers to the development of well-functioning diverse and inclusive communities. (INTASC 3,10 )
  • Develop strategies for establishing well-functioning diverse and inclusive learning/working environments. (INTASC 3,5,10)
  • Develop strategies to advocate for social change, with emphasis on educational contexts.(INTASC 3,10)
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for living and working in increasingly diverse local and global communities.(INTASC 3,7,10

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