EDUC WK 4 Blog Assignment: Sharing Web Resources

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For several weeks you have studied the website of an organization related to early childhood. Whether you chose the website of a U.S.-based organization or an international one, the sheer volume of information available on the Internet is impressive, isn’t it? As you continue to explore the website and/or the e-newsletter this week, think about these questions:

  • What specific section(s) or information seemed particularly relevant to your current professional development?
  • Which ideas/statements/resources, either on the website or in an e-newsletter, did you find controversial or made you think about an issue in new ways?
  • What information does the website or the e-newsletter contain that adds to your understanding of how economists, neuroscientists, or politicians support positive social change through the early childhood field?
  • What other new insights about issues and trends in the early childhood field did you gain from exploring the website or e-newsletter?

By Day 6

  • Respond to the questions above

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