educ 6162 wk 6 blog assignment sharing web resources

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By now you are most likely very adept at navigating through the website of the early childhood organization you selected at the beginning of this course. At this point you are ready to expand your inquiry. Here are a few suggestions on ways to do that:

  • Follow some of the outside links that you have not yet explored. Where do they lead?
  • Thoroughly search one area of the site. What do you find?
  • If you receive an e-newsletter, follow a link related to one of the issues you have been studying. What new information is available?

Additionally, find out if the site you selected at the beginning of this course offers any information about the issue of this week:

  • Does the website or the e-newsletter contain any information that adds to your understanding of equity and excellence in early care and education?
  • What other new insights about issues and trends in the early childhood field did you gain this week from exploring the website and/or the e-newsletter?

By Day 6

  • Blog about the five questions above

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