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President Learner wants your assurance that the e-business acquisition
will reduce administrative costs associated with traditional
brick-and-mortar health care providers while also improving customer
relationships. You are to compose a memo that briefs Max on the capacity
of e-commerce networks and e-business models to reduce administrative

The memo should be 450–600 words APA/Rferences and should include applying the
strategic digital marketing channels continuum of the following:

  • Intermediation: The e-business’s information accessed through a brick-and-mortar medical health care or education provider
  • Disintermediation: The e-business’s health
    care information and services accessed directly, often substituting or
    bypassing traditional medical service providers
  • Reintermediation: The e-business’s health care
    information and services delivered by utilizing third-party online
    services for medical treatment advice, customer/user data analysis,
    registration and sponsorship payment processing, or information security

Reintermediation may also include the e-business’s marketing channels
strategies that combine online click-and-order information access with
on-ground brick-and-mortar service delivery.

Support your assertions
with links to online Web sites or services that have implemented the
types of digital marketing strategy approaches referenced in your

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