ECE 315 W3 Language Development in Young Children D2

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We have learned in Chapters 5 and 6 that we are able to understand
children’s language development stages by observing their processes and
interactions. Preview the three videos listed below from Chapter 6 of
your text, which are focused on children’s language interactions. The
children shown are in various stages of language development.  Choose
one of the three videos to conduct an observation and identify the
child’s language development stage. 

  • Precursors to Language, retrieved from Section 6.1 of your text.
  • Babbling, retrieved from Section 6.2 of your text.
  • Assessing Cognitive and Language Development, retrieved from the Conclusion section in Chapter 6 of your text.

Write your observations of the child, which should support your
conclusion of developmental stage. Support your responses with the
evidence from the textbook.  

The subject line of your discussion should be the title of the video
that you watched. Be sure to include a minimum of a 250-word response
using your observations and a minimum of one source to support your
claims. Your reference(s) should appear at the end of your discussion
and be formatted according to APA. 

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