DSCI 2010 Walden University Wk 3 Data Requirements and Data Collection Discussion

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For this Assignment, you continue in your role as an intern at Nutri Mondo, an organization that uses data science to address issues related to food insecurities and other food-related issues, Read the message from the director of Nutri Mondo, Susana Maciel, to set the context for your Assignment this week.



Thanks again for your reports. I am glad you have an appreciation for the amount of work it takes to get the right business understanding and determine the analytical approach. You can have the best shovel in the world, but if you are digging in the wrong spot, you are not likely to find anything.

So, you know about how we have worked with the data science team to determine how we want to understand the impact that food insecurity has on diet-related disease. I want you to see how the team went about finding the right data sets and how they collected them. Again, I have selected some content we have from our collaboration with IBM that will help frame what the data science team will cover with you.

I look forward to your reports!

Susana Maciel
Nutri Mondo

To prepare for his assignment, review your learning resources, go to the World of Data Science and visit Tegucigalpa to view the Data Requirements and Data Collection video.

Then, write a status report—3 to 5 paragraphs—to your director describing the data requirements and data collection processes for the Nutri Mondo case study. Explain how the business understanding and analytical approach align with the data requirements and the data collection process in the work of the data science team.

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