Draft Executive Summary

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Submit your revised draft Executive Summary (the one that you first developed for peer review in Week 6 and then modified) in the appropriate assignment folder. This document must

(1) address the problem,

(2) provide simple background,

(3) offer your proposed solution, and

(4) list the specific steps required for the decision maker to take to implement your solution. Headings would most likely assist the reader.

Grading criteria:

  • In correct format with “EXECUTIVE SUMMARY” as title (no memo or report headers, etc., needed)
  • Addresses a specific REAL problem in your workplace, school, church, region, or volunteer
  • Identifies (a) the Problem and (b) impact of Problem; and proposes (c) a Solution and (d) Steps that decision maker must take to implement that Solution.
  • At least one-half page single-spaced (around 300 words or so)
  • Does not use “we” or “our” wording to identify research or recommendations (which would mask the amount of work/effort done by the writer alone)
  • Does NOT tell the reader who the decision maker is (because the reader IS the decision maker)
  • Wording makes it obvious that the Executive Summary is addressed to the decision maker and not to the professor or to the class
  • Expresses what is contained in the attached proposal and does NOT suggest what “will be written” or “will be researched” at a later date
  • Uses appropriate spelling, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and mechanics
  • Reflects positive tone

Please submit your assignment as a Word .doc, .docx or .rtf attachment to your Assignment folder using the link below or through the Assignments gateway in the blue navbar. Your completed work is due by 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, Week 7.

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