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Document Response Papers: Students will be required to complete TWO (2) writing assignments over a primary source that correlates to this course. This assignment is based on several documents located on Blackboard. In the Document Response #1 folder and the Document Response #2 folder there are six (6) different primary source documents (in each folder) selected from the era covered by the course. Students are to choose ONE (1) primary source from the SIX (6) different options from each folder and write a 1 to 2-page response paper. Students are required to complete TWO response papers, one from each document folder. All papers should be written in 12pt font, with one (1) inch margins, and should be double spaced. Once you have completed your response paper you will submit it through the corresponding submission link located in each separate folder.

The paper should include a brief summary of the primary source. Furthermore, the paper should address the following: What type of text is it? (Letter, treatise, declaration, etc.) When was it written? Who wrote it? Who was the intended audience? What was the purpose? What was the argument? What was the historical context of the writing? What if historians only used primary sources from one perspective? Why is it important to understand something from varying viewpoints?

Text Options (Posted on Blackboard):

Document Response #1:

  • William Bradford – The Pilgrims Arrive in Plymouth, 1620
  • John Hammond – Indentured Servitude, 1656
  • James Barbot, Jr. – A Description of an Uprising Aboard a Slave Ship, 1732
  • Joseph Galloway – Speech to the First Continental Congress, 1774
  • James Madison – Federalist Paper Number 10
  • George Washington – Washington on Political Partisanship, 1799

DOCUMENT RESPONSE #1 IS DUE ON Thursday, October 18th at 11:59PM VIA Blackboard.

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