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Dissertation Process

As you
begin preparing for your dissertation, it is critical to have a clear
understanding of the role and purpose of the Premise, Prospectus, and Proposal
phases of the process. For this Assignment, you will write a brief 1-page paper
analyzing the function of each of these steps in the dissertation process.

prepare for this Assignment, review the Learning Resources, focusing on the
guidelines for creating the Dissertation Premise, Prospectus, and Proposal.
Then, consider the relationship between these three components. How does each
contribute to and facilitate the dissertation process?


Write a
1-page paper that analyzes the relationship between the Premise, the
Prospectus, and the Proposal in the dissertation process and explain why it is
necessary to develop all three.


Course Introduction
(located on the course navigation menu)

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Research Process” (pp. 3–8)

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