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By now you have the knowledge of how to evaluate the equity of the Walt Disney Company , analyze the market economy’s behavior, and predict a company’s future behavior
through forecasting. Based on this knowledge, you will identify and describe business opportunities that the company should pursue and explain the
benefits/costs of these decisions.

Prompt: In this section, discuss the incremental impact of a hypothetical, but reasonable, simple new investment project, such as a new product or facility or a
cost-cutting investment, as an initial step in thinking about the future. Be sure to address the following:

  1. Based on your knowledge of this organization, what is a likely investment it would consider and why? Be sure to describe the basic features of the
    investment as a foundation for considering its potential financial impact.
  2. Evaluate the approximate costs and benefits of the investment you identified, explaining how these would affect your spreadsheet projections and
    business decisions. Estimates are sufficient, but should be grounded in common sense and insight into the organization.
  3. How does the potential investment affect budgeting and related business decisions? For example, does the investment involve significant cash spending
    this coming year, followed by benefits in the following year? How might that affect short-term and long-term spending priorities? Does the benefit
    outweigh the cost?

Guidelines for Submission: Your Business Opportunities report should be approximately 2–4 pages long (excluding title page, spreadsheets and graphs, and
references list). It should be double spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and should use the latest guidelines for APA formatting
for references and citations. Please also include your name, course name, and submission date on the title page.

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