discussion story 1 outline

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I need the worksheet outline completed. I have attached the links in the instructions attached. If you take this assignment, I would like to also use you for the next assignment which would be due this Sunday. After this assignment is completed, I will make another post for the second assignment. They kind of go hand in hand. I have also attached the instructions for the other assignment so you can see what’s ahead. For tonight though, I only need the discussion outline completed.

Follow the steps below using the Discussion Board Assignment 2 worksheet and complete the initial post:

  1. Review the corresponding Week 2 Lessons and Resources in the classroom.
  2. Identify your Story 1 idea.
  3. Consider the following about your story idea:
    • Story ideas can include: news article, press release, event coverage, profile on someone in your community, one aspect of a community issue, etc.
    • Who will be your relevant, informative source to interview for this story? Who do you have access to?
    • What fresh, new or different angle can you take on this story? Why should an audience come to you for this story? (Consider localizing the story to a geographic area or specific community).
    • What is the value of this story? What are the newsworthiness factors? Clearly identify the “So what?” and impact of the information.
    • Is this a large topic area that can be broken into categories and subcategories and then story ideas?
  4. Using the Discussion Board Assignment 2 Worksheet, provide an outline for your story. This outline includes:
    • Story summary, newsworthiness/value, the 5Ws, interview sources and information-gathering methods.
  5. Summarize three additional follow-up or related story ideas.
  6. Use the Discussion Board Assignment 2 Worksheet below to complete the assignment.
  7. Post the completed Discussion Board Assignment 2 Worksheet to the Discussion Board. (You can either copy and paste or upload the file through the content box).



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