Discussion Questions – Industrial Organizational Psychology

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Each Question must be answered in 250 words each. References in APA format .

1. Describe the major factors related to employee
selection. Be sure to include factors of job analysis, responsibilities,
knowledge, skills, and abilities(KSAs), job contexts and organizational
culture.  How many of these factors are contingent upon the individual vs.
the organization itself?  

2. Discuss you career goals for the future and
how I/O psychology could be applicable to help you succeed and grow as an
individual. What unique opportunities does the field of I/O psychology present
in the workplace for you personally? Is there an area of I/O that you believe
will be more applicable than another? Why or why not?

3. An individual may be extrinsically or
intrinsically motivated. Theories differ in their descriptions of motivation,
as do the the factors that facilitate and inhibit motivation in various
work settings. Which motivation theory would you use to describe the challenges
with alternative work arrangements (e.g., flex-time, compressed work week, and
telecommuting) as discussed in the text? Do you believe the practice of
providing alternative work arrangements will continue?  Why or why not?

4. The decision-making process is important at
every level of an organization.  Regardless of position, workers are faced
with making daily decisions. Apply the six-step rational decision-making model,
within Chapter 8 of your course text, to one of the following situations: 

a. You are
a product officer for a high-tech company.  You have two new products to
market, but only have funding for one.  How will you determine which
product to introduce?

b. A large advertising agency is working with a client who
wants to gain market shares from its competitors by marketing to young
professionals.  The agency needs to decide whether to spend all of the
marketing funds on a single form of media (internet, television, or radio) or
to spread it across all three.  What decision would you make?  Why?

c. You are the corporate acquisition officer for a large oil
company that has an interest in acquiring an additional small to medium-sized
renewable energy company (solar, wind, etc.) in order to diversify your
capabilities.  What type of company should your organization
acquire?  Why? 

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