DIscussion question essay pre American Revolution poltical groups

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Essay with Chicago Humanities citations

The Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution affected those living in the colonies in many different ways and yet it all revolved around the concept of liberty. It has been said that the colonists (free and enslaved) were divided into three groups: Loyalists, Patriots, and the generally uninterested. The first two groups had to convince the 3rd to at least not interfere if not outright join them. The Declaration of Independence was the argument made by the Patriots for throwing off the British, justifying the establishment of a new nation. Write an essay in which you consider:

  • The political theory of Natural Rights that is the basis of arguing for declaring the British American Colonies as independent nation.
  • The specific reasons given to demonstrate how England violated the Natural Rights of the American Colonists.
  • What was the generally accepted interpretation/understanding of the phrase, “…all men are created equal” and how might some who were not generally considered part of this group have reacted?
  • Compare it to our present day interpretation/understanding

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