discussion evaluating early childhood teacher quality a challenge

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Many of those who discuss questions of excellence in early care and education are calling for well-educated, high-quality early childhood professionals. This call is clearly reflected in the readings for this week. What, in your opinion, defines a highly qualified early childhood teacher, caregiver, and professional? In light of the readings for this week, what are the implications of the call for “high-quality teachers” for you, as someone immersed in the study of the early childhood field?

By Day 3


A statement, about 1 page in length, including the following:

  • Reasons why the issue of defining and demanding quality/excellence is complex in respect to early childhood teachers and other professionals in the field
  • At least three criteria that, in your opinion, should be used to evaluate a high-quality early childhood teacher
  • An explanation of your reason(s) for choosing these criteria
  • A specific reference to one or more resource(s) from this week that influenced your choice of criteria

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