Discussion (200 words) & Assignment (2 Pages)

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Discussion (200 WORDS AT LEAST)  In Unit six, you had the opportunity to read six different kinds of multicultural poets: African-American, Palestinian, Native-American, Chinese, Turkish, and Pakistani. For this discussion you will choose 2 poems from 2 different poets.

You will use your Poetic Analysis Handout to discuss the techniques in the poems.

You will also compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the poems.

YOU MUST ALSO USE DIRECT QUOTES from the poems to back up your comments. These quotes must have MLA in text citations. You may also comment on the themes.

Assignment (MUST BE IN MLA FORMAT 100%)

Points Possible 120

Nikki Giovanni

For this writing assignment you will comprise a 2 page essay on Nikki Giovanni
You must discuss two of her poems and include terms from your Poetic Analysis Handout and the Course Enrichments. Make sure that you use one outside reliable source of your own choosing.



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