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I’m working on a computer science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

You are on the fourth sprint of your application. You still have three sprints left and your project sponsor is concerned about the increasing number of defects and the potential increase in costs. His concern is that his superiors will want to kill the project. Propose a plan to your sponsor to control both the number of defects and the potential increase in costs. Justify your response. 

After posting your response, respond to at least one of your classmates’ suggestions.

  • Please respond to student’s comment below:
  • A defect in software is a bug that produces an incorrect result. A defect is made from errors made by developers or incorrect code. The proposal is to treat defects as the product backlog in which the priorities are determined by the product owner. Once the priorities are defined, the development team can control the defects in the next sprint. The defects should be handled in terms of priorities in the product backlog. Fixing a defect in a production stage is more costly than fixing it in earlier stages of the project (Ron, 1).

It is important to manage changes to project scope to prevent over budget and extended timelines. I would ensure the sponsor that the agile method assesses change throughout the project and the scope of the project is replanned at the start of each iteration. Therefore, upcoming tasks are prioritized by the project team and sponsors. The project team must practice effective backlog grooming that manages scope creep. Effective backlog grooming practices include defining a clear outline of priorities, supporting high-priority tasks, defining sprint goals that define the scope for each iteration, and creating a backlog that keeps new requests in view (Ricksoft, 2).

In addition, frequent testing of the products can discover defects, reducing the risk of high-level defects that impacts the project cost. Project managers must effectively negotiate appropriate trade tradeoffs with the business sponsors in terms of schedule, budget, and risk (Kevin, 3).


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