Discuss the following question.

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Discussion QuestionS:

What two major impacts has email had on interpersonal communication? What are some advantages and disadvantages associated with communicating by email? What are some common email mistakes and how can they be avoided?

Post should answer those questions and should be made by Thursday midnight.

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For your week Two Cases/Questions Assignment, complete the following two cases from Chapters Six and Eight.

Sir James Dyson: Learning to Achieve Success
Read the Case Study entitled, “Sir James Dyson:Learning to Achieve Success” on pages 232-233. Then, answer the Questions at the end of the case.

Smart Phones: Promoting Communication Connectednesss or Disconnectedness?
Read the Case Study entitled, “Promoting Communication Connectednesss or Disconnectedness?”. on pages 312-313.
Then, answer the Case Questions at the end of the case.

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