Did Julia make any ethical errors? If so, what were they?, assignment help

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The firm Julia works for is representing a client accused of robbing the manager of a grocery store as the manager was walking into a bank to deposit the store’s daily receipts. To prepare for the client’s defense, Julia creates a presentation showing the physical location of the alleged crime. One day at lunch, a co-worker tells her his brother works across the street from the bank where the incident occurred, and took pictures of the incident on his cell phone. The brother refuses to come forward and get involved in the case, so the co-worker hands Julia the cell phone. She puts the pictures from the phone into the presentation, without telling anyone where they came from.


  1. Did Julia make any ethical errors? If so, what were they?
  2. If you feel her actions were unethical, why were they unethical?
  3. How should she have handled the situation of being given the pictures from the cell phone?

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