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Format Requirements:

  • APA Formatted – Cover page, Times New Roman size 12, 1 inch margins, double spaced
  • Type All Questions (or create headings)
  • Answers must be detailed and contain depth of thought for full credit. As a guideline, each answer should be at least 200 words – YOUR OWN WORDS. Use of direct quotes is NOT acceptable – put concepts and ideas into your own words, then cite your sources. THIS IS NOT A COPY & PASTE ASSIGNMENT.
  • You are expected to utilize at LEAST TWO external sources for this assignment. These sources should be cited both “in-text” and accompany a complete citation list at the end of the paper.

Select and research a union that is of interest to you.This can be a union in the hospitality industry or one that you or a family member might work for or one that simply seems interesting.

  • Identify and describe the history of the union you selected.Explain why you selected this union and why it is of interest to you.
  • Explain when and why was the union was formed? THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE HISTORY.Who does the union represent? Explain what benefits and services this union provides to its members.
  • What is the philosophy of the union? What is the typical relationship between the union and the management of organizations that employ their members? Have there been periods of labor unrest?
  • What is your personal opinion of this union and its philosophy?
  • What did you learn from researching this union? How can you use this information in your future?

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