Describe your role. Which duties do you see as leadership versus management?

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Conduct an interview with a leader of a local health care organization and document responses to the following questions:

  1. Describe your role. Which duties do you see as leadership versus management?
  2. Discuss your perspectives on strategic planning in today’s turbulent environment.
  3. How do you define shared governance? Discuss the staff’s participation in governance in your institution.
  4. What trends are you seeing in staffing now? What do you project for the future?
  5. Talk a little about the budgetary impacts you are seeing related to the current healthcare environment. What is your role in response to managing or participating in managing these impacts?
  6. Discuss how others see your role (i.e. respect and challenges).

The answers to the following questions are in the attachment located below. This should be a written in essay format, along with (3) scholarly references. All the details are included in format below.

Possible Points

Your Points

Outline Includes Cover Page Per APA

  • Title in upper 1/3 of page
  • Three lines used per APA



  • Describes what paper is about and properly titled for APA (Do not use the term introduction as a title)
  • At least 3-5 sentences
  • Leads into the body of paper


Outline Includes:

  • Use at least three (3) scholarly references cited per APA
  • The detailed description of the topics to be covered and who is covering them



  • Summarizes what was covered using at least three sentences
  • Has a closing statement


Reference Page:

  • Lists minimum of three (3) scholarly references in proper APA format



90 Points

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