Describe the steps to get oil from its natural state to market, environmental science

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Describe the steps to get oil from its natural state to market.


(9 points)


Summarize the case of the Atlantic cod. 
In your response, specifically address the following points:

What method is most commonly used to extract cod?

What are the environmental consequences of this method?

What is the evidence that cod are being overfished?

What remedies have governments enacted to help restore cod populations?


(8 points)


What happens when rain falls on a piece of property that has pavement,
roofs, and lawns? Where does the water go? Describe all possible pathways. Over
a long rainy season, how do streams and groundwater respond?


4. In this threaded discussion, you will draw on the data you analyzed in this urban planning scenario.

First write a short recommendation of your zoning plan. Which segments, if any, will be developed for industrial use? Which segments will be developed for residential use? Which segments will be left alone? Why did you choose the seqments you chose? What are the consequences of your choices? Include data from your cost-benefit analysis in your recommendation.

Next read the posts of two or more people. Review and comment on their zoning plans in a respectful manner. Comment on the parts of their analysis that you find interesting and suggest areas of development. In at least two cases for each, explain why you agree or disagree with their analysis.

Finally go back to your original post and reevaluate it based on the feedback your peers gave you. Consider any additional costs or benefits of development, and estimate a monetary valuation for each additional factor. State how other posts changed or supported your initial zoning plan.

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