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Your paper will include 3 assignments. Each assignment will have 4 pages of text and one page for the works cited page, so the entire paper will be 15 pages long. Each assignment will cover one of the 3 subjects mentioned bellow. Each works cited page must have at least 4 different sources that are being used in the paper. Either MLA or APA style for the works cited pages are acceptable. Each assignment will be a balanced discussion of both sides of its issue, for and against, in which you end with you conclusion. So you will do the following for the text portion of each one of the assignments.

Further Instructions:

This paper will be a balanced paper discussing both sides of the issue, for and against, in which you end with you conclusion. So you will do the following in your paper,

A) A short Introductory Paragraph that will necessarily contain,

1) Brief explanation of what you will do in your paper.

2) Thesis Statement: Aone sentence explanation of your opinion concerning the subject– which can include, in brief, the main reason why you think this way.

B) Discussion of the subject in Dialogue Form:

1) Two people having a debate about the subject, one on your side (protagonist)and the other on the opponent’s side (antagonist).

2) You end up with your guy (the protagonist) wining the debate.

3) Your conclusion/opinion.


Subject: Laure Calhoun, in her essay The Terrorists Tacit Message {Peace Review 1 March 2002, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 85-91(7) } suggests that terrorists are just using the same official justification that governments use for war to justify their acts of terror. This is the “just war” justification—in brief, it is ok to go to war as long as it is for self defense, or the protection of important rights including property rights, and all other methods to settle the dispute in question have been tried without success. What is the real difference between terrorism and modern wars which have targeted noncombatants and civilian facilities in accordance with “the standard total war policy.” Is terrorism always a bad thing or can it be justified under certain conditions. Click on this link to download a couple of articles on the subject.


Subject:Former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who fought bloody drug cartels between 2000 and 2006 while in office, now argues for changing Mexico’s drug laws, since prohibition has helped create the criminal market that now maintains these ruthless gangs. We can all well wonder at the wisdom of our own war on drugs and ask, for example, does it make sense that alcohol and cigarettes are legal but marihuana is not? Also, we can ask what would happen if heroin and crystal meth were marketed by cigarette companies in the same way that they market cigarettes? Weigh the case for and against drug legalization and conclude with your opinion concerning this issue. Click on this link to download a couple of articles on the subject.


Subject: “Suddenly, the brave new world dawns…men and women in the street are waking up to the realization that genetic engineering biotechnology is taking over every aspect of their daily lives. They are caught unprepared for the avalanche of products arriving, or soon to arrive, in their supermarkets: rapeseed oil, soybean, maize, sugar beet, squash, cucumber …” (The Unholy Alliance, by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, The Ecologist, Vol.27, No.4, July/August, http://www.argonet. /john.rose/ho.html) Genetically engineered food hold out the promises a host of benefits not the least of which would be a more consistent, higher quality, more pest and disease resistant food source for the planet. These new products have been referred to as Franken Food by those who point out such dangers as unexpected toxicity, the promotion of antibiotic resistant disease and unintended genetic contamination of other life forms. Weigh the case for and against genetically engineered food and conclude with your opinion concerning the matter. Click on this link to download a couple of articles on the subject.

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