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Paper must be at least one page in a half, doubled space, 11 font, calbri font

Directions below:

Death with Dignity:

This week we will
discuss a highly controversial topic, the Right to Die, or Death with Dignity.

What you will need to do
this week:

Review the two slide sets I have attached below

Read Chapters 16 & 18 in your Corr text

Read the short NPR article (link below)

Watch the brief Youtube video below

Review the 10 right-to-die cases, and the Legal website (links

Answer the following questions by creating a thread, then respond
to at least one other student

Questions to answer:

1.  Based on the
slides, and your readings, I would like you to pick one of the 10 cases from
the link below, and reflect on how the legal process limits, neglects, or
removes the ethical or moral elements of the case you chose…what I mean, is
where should the laws protect the vulnerable from neglect/abuse, versus where
does humane treatment become obfuscated, or impeded by our legal and justice

2.  Where do you
personally stand on the issue of right to die? Is it a right? Or is there an
obligation to survive? What is the role of your personal belief system in your

3.  What is the role
of suffering in the developmental process? (I’m looking for your opinion, but I
want you to substantiate or support it with our readings)

SLIDES: See attachments

to an external site.)


NPR Article:

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