Data Visualization with Tableau Worksheet

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As you’ve seen throughout this module, there is an art to creating data visualizations. Some visualizations might look pretty but aren’t actually useful for data analysts. In this SkillBuilder, we want to showcase some poor data visualizations that have been used in the real world and modify them to be more effective.


Work through the tasks on the Questions pages and double click each field to enter your answers. Once you’re done, save the modified workbook with a unique file name and submit it for grading.


A .twbx file containing your answers.


Upload your .twbx file here in TechBootcampHQ.


Refer to the same Questions PDF linked above. Here’s the link (Links to an external site.)“>Here’s the link (Links to an external site.) to the online workbook. Please be sure to submit the URL to your shared workbook in the “Upload your SkillBuilders & Projects” folder within Tableau Online.

Good luck! These skills are getting more complicated, but if you put in the time to learn and practice and make use of the support resources offered, you can and will master them! 

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