Czechoslovakian and Hungarian Superpower tension, history homework help

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Discussion response needed:

To what extend the uprisings in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in
1968 reflect national, European, or superpower tensions? (Feel free to
concentrate on one or the other.)

The uprising in Czechoslovakia seemed to be a reflection of all three, though the superpower tension theme might be more obvious. If the USSR were to loose Czechoslovakia, it would show how Communism could be defeated by Democracy. The
uprising in Czechoslovakia, demonstrated to the Soviet Regime that it
was loosing influence and control over sections of Europe it had gained
after World War Two. The economic boom that had followed the war had
begun to slow down, and Czechoslovakia was looking for a way to revive
it. Social reforms were beginning to take place within the communist
community, and with the election of Alexander Dubček, Soviet Russia
attempted to re-assert control of the communist party. Alexander Dubček
allowed more freedoms to take place, ie.; lifting censorship. This was
not in support to Soviet ideology, and these actions ran in direct
conflict with the other socialist communities sense of interdependence.
If Czechoslovakia were allowed to continue down this path of political
reform, it would eventually spill over into other Eastern Bloc

“The Soviet politburo, after much hesitation, decided that Dubček
could not control the growing tide of radical reform, which was
acquiring revolutionary proportions.” – Leonid Brezhnev – 1968

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