Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures Essay

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Subject : IT research methods

Tiopic : Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures: Challenges and solutions

Title Page

Abstract [maximum half a page] (summary paragraph that includes one sentence on the problem, one sentence on the societal phenomenon and the specific question you are investigating, one sentence on the methodology you will follow, one sentence on your findings).

Introduction [maximum two pages] (what is the societal phenomenon that you are exploring, why it is important, and what others have explored so far – The review of research literature should include at least 10 references). The narrative appropriately cites all appropriate sentences and attributes it to its respective source.

The research question(s) (the introduction section should conclude with your research questions).

Methodology [maximum two pages] (Describe the research methodology and how you applied it for the project – note that the research methodology is already defined).

Results [maximum two pages] (Describe the data that was collected and the analysis method used to present it in a format that enables the discussion).

Discussion [maximum two pages] (Discuss how the results answer the research question. Discuss the various elements of external and internal validity as it applies to the project and how it may impact the ability to generalize the results. Discuss any ethical issues that you may have encountered).

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