CYB 300 Portland Community College

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Plagiarism is serious and will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is using the work of others and offering it as one’s own. This includes the use of another’s ideas or writings without proper acknowledgment, submitting a paper written by another, or submitting an examination or assignment containing work copied from someone else.

The objective is to do personal research on each of the assigned Chapters, then in a CONCISE format, summarize your findings. Provide a minimum of one (1) paragraph per Chapter.

“Research” means that you will do additional reading, discussion, &/or data gathering outside of the course lecture and the assigned textbook. Any other source is valid, but you may not reword, quote, or reference the research sources. You must formulate your own ideas and communicate them in your own words; thereby, showing you have applied critical thinking regarding the Chapter topics.

It is suggested you use a Research Theme to help you stay focused, and to provide continuity throughout your research. Here is a list of ideas, but this list is not all-inclusive:

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