CWU Video Game Console Industry in 2018 Case Paper

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For this case, refer to the textbook, Chapter 9 (especially the section on “Standards, Platforms and Network Externalities”).

Your case analysis should typically be no shorter than two full pages in length, using Arial font 10, 1.5 spacing. (Target a word count of 800-1000, typically). due sunday, may 10th at 11:59pm

Case Questions

  1. What are the key success factors (KSFs) in the video games hardware industry? To what extent has this been a “winner-takes-all” industry in the past?
  2. What factors have changed the dynamics of competition and the basis for competitive advantage in the industry during recent years?
  3. Looking ahead, which factors will determine the competitive advantage in video during the coming years?
  4. Make strategy recommendations for:
  • – Sony [students with last names beginning A–F]
  • – Microsoft [students with last names beginning G–P]
  • – Nintendo [students with last names beginning Q–Z]

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