Customer Complaint

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Good morning,

As part of the selection process for the VSR position, we are requiring a writing sample.  Please respond to the attached letter as an employee of Anytime Wireless. (You are tasked with writing a response to the customer).


 Anytime Wireless

4567 Freedom Drive

Anywhere, USA



To Whom It May Concern:


I purchased a phone (404.555.5555), which was added to our family plan, in December of this year.  While our experiences to that point with your company had been satisfactory, our recent experience has been one of the most frustrating and disappointing customer service experiences we, as a family, have encountered. 


Our problems started immediately upon selecting the phone we wanted to purchase.  The local retail store indicated that our desired phone was on back-order and that it would take at least three weeks to ship.  While somewhat understandable in most cases, your company was advertising at the time that these phones were currently in-stock and available for loyal customers.  Regardless of our initial disappointment, we purchased one of these phones and began our wait. 


After six weeks of waiting, 11 calls to customer service, and four visits to our local retailer, we received the phone.  Our main complaint during this time was the completely ineffective level of communication and service we received from all areas of your customer service.  Information about our phone and situation was never readily available, and it seemed as if we had to restate details about our situation with each call.  Additionally, no expectation regarding delivery or resolution to our problem that was ever set was realized.  We ultimately had to indicate that we wanted to cancel our order and overall service with your company before our problems were escalated to a point of resolution.


Finally, after six plus weeks, our phone was received.  While extremely disappointed with how our customer service experience with this purchase had gone to that point, we were still excited to finally have our new phone.  I cannot begin to describe the additional frustration and disappointment we experienced after the phone was delivered. First and foremost, the phone was shipped with a defective battery, one which would only charge to allow for no more than 50 minutes of use.  We also received an electronic customer service manual for a completely different phone.  Finally, the phone would randomly require rebooting (at least twice a day) for no reason whatsoever.  It has since been determined that the phones operating system was incorrectly installed, which we discovered after an additional visit to our local retail store, where the store manager offered us a new phone (on back-order as well) for full price.  I’m confident you can see our point.


We have been loyal customers for four years.  We have a family plan, and would like to continue to our relationship with your company; however, we are extremely dissatisfied with our current state of affairs, and look forward to your comments and approach to resolving this situation.  Thank you in advance for your attention to our plight.


Thank you,


Jane Smith

123 Main St

Anywhere, USA


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