data gathering and analysis 2

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Before beginning this assessment, use the Capella library guide and the resources for this course to locate peer-reviewed articles that describe the value of qualitative research methods or the ethics involved in conducting qualitative surveys. You will use this information to address the scenario for this assessment.

Practical Application Scenario

Suppose you are a manager at a multimillion-dollar real estate company. You have been entrusted to research the changing relationship between real estate agents and their clients and to make a recommendation to your organization’s leaders for addressing the growing demands on real estate agents.

  1. Develop a research question hierarchy for this endeavor.
  2. Consider different types of qualitative data collection and analysis methods, and the ways in which they can support business decision making and strategies. How would you gather and assess qualitative data to support business decision making?
  3. Analyze the ethical issues, if any, that should concern you in undertaking this initiative.

Compile your work into a 1–2 page Microsoft Word file, pasting in any tables or charts you may have used to support your statements.

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