rfid and reverse logistics

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Traceability and food safety is at the frontline of fresh foods and safety and packaging science today, in 2012. Leading food suppliers that are concerned with such traceability issues are Bumble Bee Foods, Kraft Foods, Meijer, SUPERVALU, Tyson, Walmart, just to name a few.

I have included a brief primer on what RFID is all about. Read it and then see what you can find out about one of the above companies or some other company who is or has used RFID technology for fresh food safety and packaging.

Some more hints might be standards in the support of traceability and food safety, or data quality and the importance of that data, and also the ever present barcode as a comparison to RFID. Note: If you have trouble reading any of the words, you can press Ctrl and the plus sign (Ctrl +) to zoom your screen and Ctrl and the minus sign (Ctrl -) to un-zoom your screen.

This discussion helps us better understand the following learning objective:

LO-1 Identify the concepts and procedures needed for a food and beverage product recall from a manufacturer and from a retail store.

LO-2: Identify the concepts, procedures and issues to manage food and beverage waste and recycling operations.

LO-3: Describe the ethical behavior requirements and issues in handling food and beverage products returned to a manufacturing company and a retail store.

LO-4: Explain procedures and technology to insure safe and healthy foodstuffs within a manufacturing enterprise and a retail business.

LO-5: Describe new container and packaging designs to help eliminate the spoilage factor of food and beverage movement in a reverse logistics operation.

LO-6: Identify emerging trends of problems and potential solutions for reverse logistics management operations within the food and beverage industry.

LO-7: Explain how the economic growth of countries such as China, India, Brazil and Vietnam impacts the global food and beverage industry and global consumers.

LO-8: Describe the best practices in reverse logistics applications in production, sale, returns, and resale and waste management operations in the food and beverage industry.

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