mgf1107 mathematics for liberal arts ii unit 3 1

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  • Unit 3 Test Due by 11:59 PM EST

    Mar 25, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018

  • Unit 3 Discussion: Using Regression Models – Locked

    11:59 PM
    In Unit 3, we are investigating regression models. In this discussion you will use a regression equation to make a prediction. For this discussion, you will post at least twice – 1) an initial post, and then 2) a reply to a classmate.Archeologists have developed formulas to predict the height, and in some cases, the age at death of the deceased by knowing the lengths of certain bones in the body. The long bones of the body grow at approximately the same rate. Thus, a linear relationship exists between the length of the bones and the person’s height. If the length of one of these major bones – the femur (F), the tibia (T), the humerus (H), or the radius (R) – is known, the height,
    h, of a person can be calculated using one of the following formulas. The relationship between bone length and height is different for males and females.
    h = 2.24F + 69.09

    h = 2.39T + 81.68

    h = 2.97H + 73.57

    h = 3.65R + 80.41
    h = 2.23F + 61.41

    h = 2.53T + 72.57

    h = 3.14H + 64.98

    h = 3.88R + 73.51
    For your initial postAsk someone to measure your humerus in centimeters. Use the appropriate regression equation (based on your gender) to predict your height. The height is predicted in centimeters. Use this information to answer the following questions:1. What is the measurement of your humerus? 2. What is the prediction for your height? Show your calculations.3. How well did the regression equation predict your height? Compare the prediction to your actual height. Did the regression equation overestimate or underestimate your actual height?

    For your replyRespond to another student’s post.(Learning Objectives Assessed: 2b)


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