cultivating a heart for individuals with diverse needs and exceptionalities 1

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200 word response with referenced and biblical versus if used

How does this affect you as an educator, aspiring educator, and individual now, and in what ways has your own attitude and language changed over the years?

As I watched the video, I could feel the reporter’s pain as he began to walk the halls of this hospital witnessing the terrible conditions under which these children and young adults were living. I currently work for a mental health facility. I work on the child unit and I can relate to having to be all things to my patients because my unit is always understaffed. When you look at the word intentional in our line of work what does it mean. When I really think about it, it really simply means purpose. As educators it is our purpose to protect our students, care for our students, love on our students, and provide them with a role model that they can look up to. The students at Pennhurst’s didn’t seems to have anyone in that really show them that they were loved and protected. The facility do I work at now, doesn’t always do the best job at providing the level of cleanliness, staffing, and protection for the clients. A lot of the children that I encounter on my unit have never had anyone to show the love. Don’t know what is like to be hugged. So when they had an encounter with me, I make sure that I tell them that I care about them and I want them to get well. It is my intention that every child that comes in contact with me will leave a better person. I cannot control what the administration does, but I can control what I do for my patients.

What is a biblical approach to welcoming, nurturing, and educating learners with diverse needs or exceptionalities that you can intentionally apply in your own life?

When I think about a biblical approach, the first story that comes to mind that I feel directly applies is the story of Jesus and the 10 leopards. The 10 leopards were castaways. No one wanted to interact with them because they were deemed unworthy. But Jesus, who intentionally came to save those who everyone felt should be cast out made 10 leopards hold again. So to answer the question how do we welcome, nurture, and educate learners with diverse needs or exceptionalities we simply show the grace, love, empathy, and compassion. We approach that situation biblically the way the ultimate teacher Jesus Christ did on the cross having mercy on all.

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