please read instructions carefully and add respective references 1

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Question 1

What are the pros and cons of the Family Medical Leave Act? What benefits does the Act provide for employees? Should it be expanded or eliminated? Has it been abused? Research articles and cases involving the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Has the Act been successful in eliminating this type of discrimination? When is it acceptable to downsize only older workers?

Question 2

Duties of Agents and Principals

Without relying on our textbook, please research the duties of both agents and principals to one another and to the general public. For example if an agent becomes aware of an investment opportunity which his principal (employer) might be interested in, must he/she first inform his principal/employer of that opportunity before investing personally?

Question 3

Liability of Principals and Agents to Third Parties (Disclosed, Partially Disclosed and Undisclosed Principals)

Without relying on our textbook, please research the liability of principals and agents to third parties when there is a disclosed, a partially disclosed or an undisclosed principal.


Please write on only the PROCEEDURE FOR THE FOLLOWING CASE Case 2 with its respective reference.

Question 5

Please using the the guidelines for earlier projects

Analyse the case of “ Coker v. Pershad.The laws we looking at this week are

Chapter 15: Agency Law

Chapter 19: The Employment Relationship

Chapter 20: Laws Governing Labor-Management Relations

Chapter 21: Employment Discrimination Please resaerch the case and apply the necessary law from the list above and cite from the book submitted earlier, Please reach out for any further info.

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