conduct adequate research reading and analysis and discuss the concept of quot environment configuration quot in software engineering give examples from the internet

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Conduct adequate research/reading and analysis and discuss the concept of “Environment Configuration” in Software Engineering, Give examples from the Internet.

Initial Post: Initial posts are due by 11:59PM ET Wednesday night. Within the Discussion Forum area, write two – three paragraphs that respond to the topic with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples from the readings and your own experiences to reinforce your ideas. Be sure to integrate citations/references to the readings for the week as well as two additional peer reviewed resources. This will be the foundation for the module discussion with your classmates

Peer Replies: Responses are due by 11:59PM ET Saturday night. Please reply to two classmates on differing days. When replying to your classmates ask them critical thinking questions about their post and offer them an additional resource to further their thinking on the subject. The idea is to keep coming back to the discussion throughout the week, replying to your classmates’ posts and any classmates that reply to your posts.

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