discussion questions 181

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Discuss company vision statements.

  • Have you ever worked for a company that had a vision statement? Can you recite or describe it?
  • Have you ever visited a business that had a vision statement displayed for customers to see?
  • What would you expect of a company that had a vision statement prominently displayed?
  • If you knew a company had a vision statement, would you expect all employees to know the statement by heart?
  • How do you think learning your company’s vision statement would affect you, as an employee?

What is the Virtuous Cycle of Enlightened Hospitality? What are the elements? Does this relate to anything we discussed in the Timm book

What are the CDR pads they use at Shake Shack? What four things are they looking for on the CDR pad form? Do you think this is a good way to get something done in an environment like this? Tell your classmates something you learned from listening to Danny Meyer that you would use in the real world either now or in the future.

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