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you will read two peer reviewed journal articles and answer associated questions. In each assignment, we will focus on different statistical concepts/methods. I recommend reading each article in its entirety first, to gain an understanding of the overall aims and findings of the article. The two articles we will be focusing on this week are:

Andresen, M. A., Frank, R., & Felson, M. (2014). Age and the distance to crime. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 14(3) 314 –33.

Attached here: Andresen Frank Felson _2014_ Age and the distance to crime.pdf

Button, D. M., & Worthen, M. G. (2014). General Strain Theory for LGBQ and SSB Youth The Importance of Intersectionality in the Future of Feminist Criminology. Feminist Criminology, 9(4), 270-297.

Attached here: Button & Worthen _2014_.pdf

Once you read the articles, download this assignment: This is the assignment questions and instructions CRJ511_Assignment 1_Fall Session B 2017.pdf

Assignment Directions:

  • In a Word document, provide your answers to the questions listed in the assignment.
  • Be sure you number your answers and include your name at the top of your document.
  • You do not need to include any citations, but if you do, be sure you are following APA citation guidelines.

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