rapid development

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  • Development:
    • Summarize the development methodology to be used during the coding phase of the project.
    • Identify at least 3 key processes that you will use to drive the project during coding (e.g., identification and tracking of milestones using an Agile process).
    • Describe how the process works, the documentation required to track the process, and the approvals required during execution of the process.
  • Testing:
    • Identify the key phases of the project that will be subject to testing and the type of testing to be used during that phase.
    • Write at least 3 test cases for the project. Each test case should address the testing requirements in each of the major phases of the project (design, development, and release).
    • Each test case should address 1 of the major requirements or 1 of the major components of the application.
    • The test cases should identify the test process and the expected outcome for the test. Additional information required in each test case is purpose, prerequisites, any test data with values used, and the steps required to complete the test.

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