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Module 3 paper: Here are the requirements and suggestions for this week’s paper. Explain why your organization is well positioned to carry out the project, including how the concept fits with the organization’s core competencies and the type of corporate culture that will offer the best possibility for successful implementation. In addition, recommend the key roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of the cross-functional team that will be responsible for implementing the project. Although you may not always be able to provide the names of the specific individuals who will occupy those roles, you should explain the specific skills and experience required for each and the contributions each member will make, including what your own role will be in the process and contingency plans should the proposed team composition need to be modified.

Professors Pointers

  1. There are a number of you leaving the abstract and conclusion out of the paper. The abstract is 4-5 lines of the contents of the paper. The conclusion is a wrap-up and validation that the contents contained in the abstract have been met. The process is not just busy work or APA required. These inclusions allow for a much better understanding of what is contained in the paper and require foresight and reflection. Which are two key elements of critical thinking.
  2. When drafting your papers I suggest you use level 1, level 2 and level 3 headers to identify your key elements ( as dictated in the rubric) this not only allow the reader to identify the topics, but set a much more conducive outline as defined by general research guidelines.
  3. Be very careful with how you word your statements. Making a general statement absent a source and citation, leaves the reader to wonder how accurate the statement is. It may be perceived as an opinion or subjective analysis.
  4. Many of you have a vested interest in your project. Therefore, my suggestion is to shift from the first person to the third person. This may allow you to better look at the organization objectively. There may be little room for emotions in research and or business plans and the insertion of such muddy the waters between research and opinion.

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