module 4 of business plan programming products and services

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Assignment 4

Module 4 of Business Plan: Programming (Products and Services)

You are continuing to develop your business plan. In this component you will develop a detailed description of your fitness center programming that includes the following elements:

Introduction: Please re-introduce your target market, location, size of facility and total clients or members.

  1. Programming. It Can be:
    • Fitness Programming: Minimum of 6 descriptions.
  • Exercise Classes –
  • Personal Training

1. A detailed description of each class and who it serves (ie. Target market of adults aged ___ , kids programs, senior programs, or other special populations.)

2. A detailed schedule of when classes are offered.

3. Pricing (if a specialty class)

1. A detailed description of what is offered in personal training

2. Describe scheduling

3. Pricing/package options


b. Health Promotion/Wellness Programming – Minimum of 6 descriptions

1. Classes/seminars/etc. offered, along with a description of each and how this program fits with your target market.

2. Schedule of events (annual)


  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy or other Clinical Practice – Minimum of 6 descriptions.

II. Profit Centers: Must incorporate at least one of these in your plan. This can include any of the following:

A. Spa Services. Description of services available and prices.

B. Child Care. Description of services and prices.

C. Food Services. Description of services and prices.

D. Pro Shop. Description of services and prices.

E. League programs. Description of services and prices.

F. Physical Therapy Equipment. Description of what you are selling (ice packs, orthotics, etc)

III. Management:

A. Provide a description of your organizational structure, along with an organizational chart.

B. Identify staffing needs and write out job descriptions. Identify salary or wages.

C. Provide a schedule for staff, covering all of your hours of operation.

Make sure you document all sources accurately and in APA format.

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