factors influence the value of an exchange rate amp how pboc manage chinese yuan 1

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There are two parts of this assignment.

A. Choose six factors from the follow that have greatest influence the value of an exchange rates and provide a historical example for each. (2000 words) ,plz reference the sources.

Topic 1: Supply and demand

Topic 2: The balance of payments

Topic 3: Interest rates and money supply policy

Topic 4: Inflation and deflation

Topic 5: Asset prices

Topic 6: Commodity prices and terms of trade

Topic 7: Government budget and fiscal policy

Topic 8: Credit ratings

Topic 9: Currency controls

Topic 10: Politics and wars

Topic 11: Industrial relations, social unrest and nature

Topic 12: Market sentiment

Topic 13: Big trades

B. Most of the major global currencies are floating, allowing the market to determine rates through the interaction of demand and supply. However, the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) adopts a different approach for the valuation of the Chinese Yuan. How the PBOC manages the value of the CNY and provide a substantiated opinion about the future direction of PBOC policy? (1000 words)

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