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You are going to stay for a week in France

Prepare a list everything that you would like to do while you are there. Here’s what to include:

  • A page long introduction on the reason why we going to France.
  • Two art museums or places where works of art are located. Additionally, you must make note of at least 10 major works of art or architecture you are looking forward to seeing while there. Most museums have online websites that tell you what is there. You can also check images in your book to see where works of art are located . Remember to check days the museums are closed. (Please make this one a table with art work on the left and reasons on the right)
  • At least 2 other cultural sites near where you are going that you would like to see. These might include earlier period architectural highlights such as Notre Dame in Paris or Stonehenge in England, or the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.(same as above)
  • OPTIONAL: Any other cultural events (such as concerts, for example) you may want to take in while you are there.

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