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Please read the attached academic paper and answer the following questions

Q1 Provide an overview of the challenges faced in Zanzibar as well as in one other exemplar “developing country” as regards the evolution, and adoption of IT/Corporate Governance standards in the public sector.[max. 600 words]

Q2 To what extend can Corporate Governance operate as a reliable “proxy” for trust as regards E-Governance? You are expected to refer specifically to the details provided in the attached academic paper as well as other suitable sources. [max. 500 words]

Q3 What role might International E-Governance standards have to play in the future evolution of E-Governance both in developed and in developing countries? Refer to evolving standards in your answer as necessary.[max. 500 words]

** A previous report related to the same topic will be attached, you can relate to it.

** References using Harvard Style.

** Total Word Count = 1600 words Max.

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