stephen spielberg empire of the sun

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– 1,250-word explanatory paper

– MLA Eighth Edition Style.

Personal (your explanatory and critical reactions).


Artistic (a literary piece responding to a class text or texts).


Research (you argue for your point of view while discussing the work of critics).

about the movie Empire of the Sun by Stephen Spielberg.

WRITING PAPERS (just an suggestion of how does my professor like the papers)

MLA Eighth Edition, or Chicago Style


Choose from among your strongest insights about the class texts.

Stage One (Prep Work)

List of Evidence: make a long, detailed list of the points you want to make and the quotes that back them up.

Thesis questions: What questions will your paper answer?

Outlining: group the items by mutual similarity and label them A, B, C . . . Then,

arrange the items within these groupings into a logical order (a, b, c, . . . ).

Stage Two (First Draft)

Work single-spaced.

Body: write your material up into a narrative, without stopping.

Intro: write a paragraph that tells the reader exactly what to expect in the body and a concise statement of your answer to your thesis questions.

Conclusion: Recapitulate your major points and point forward.

Stage Three (Second Draft)

Highlight Stage Two and make a copy below.

Work on this copied version

Objectify: read your paper aloud, or have a friend do so, and note what improvements you want to make.

Cut to minimum length necessary to convey your essential meanings.

Choose a title that demands attention.

Edit for technical errors: capitalization, comma splices, indents, number, number agreement, pronoun reference, punctuation, repetition, spelling, tense consistency, transitions

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