what info do kamari company share for its growth

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Could you provide an answer(one paragraph+reference) for the following question which has been asked by Dr after I have answered a discussion question:

The question is:

Sultan Al Kabeer, from the Almarai group, may have stated that you have to have contingency plans and policies for external factors because there is growing consensus that external social, environmental, or sustainability reports should contain more comprehensive information than just that required by regulatory agencies. What information do they company share?

Thanks, Dr. Ruth

My answer for the discussion question was:

Factors that influences the reputation

According to the words of Peter (2014) reputation is influenced by different internal and external factors (Love et al 2016). While analyzing the example of Almarai group in Saudi Arbia we can understand that resources and management called as the internal factors that influence the reputation of Almarai group. External factors include the decisions taken by the Saudi Arabian Government and legal, social and technological factors also influence the reputation of the Almarai Group. Sultan Al Kabeer (2015) the chairman of Almarai group stated that it is easy to manage the internal factors that influences the reputation of the company, but in the case of external factors we have to formulate contingency plans and policies.

Sustainability Risk taken by the organization

According to the words of Georges Schorderet (2015) the CEO of Almarai group we can understand that the company is trying to provide quality products to the customers. The company is mainly concentrated on food industry and in order for attracting the customers and for increasing the income they have to give more importance to the quality of the products (Schlegelmilch et al 2016). Unmitigated urbanization and lack of availability of fresh water called as the major sustainability risk that affects the performance of the organization (Abratt et al 2016). The company is also facing problem related with the heavy product loads and it directly influence the corporate reputation. If the company is failed to provide goods and services at right the customers will not satisfied. Unmitigated urbanization and lack of availability of fresh water also create problems for the effective delivery of quality goods to the customers.


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