ankle and foot

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Our legs, much like our arms, are used countless times each day. Our lower body performs a variety of movements, such as walking, running, sitting, standing, biking, bending, etcetera. In fact, we often don’t appreciate all of the work our lower body does until we get injured, mandating the disuse of our hip(s), knee(s), ankle(s), or feet. Once this happens, greater appreciation is given to the complex structure and functions of our lower body.

Briefly discuss the functions of our hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

  • Select one of the ankle motions, as outlined in your text (Chapter 20, p. 304) and describe a movement or activity requiring this specific motion.
  • Analyze the anatomical relationship between the ankle and foot for this particular movement or activity.
  • Select two common ankle or foot pathologies and determine which movement or activity could be the cause for these injuries.

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