Cultural Competence and Linguistics in Healthcare, homework help

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United States health care leaders and managers continue to face challenges in creating diverse workforce and more culturally competent organizations. Patient safety and outcomes are paramount, creating an awareness developing effective cultural and linguistic communications. To that end, the Office Minority Health at DHHS has developed National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) and published an executive summary of CLAS as an ongoing effort and framework for health care leaders in correcting inequities and open different patient groups.

This assignment challenges you to consider how CLAS and Pérez and Luquis’s recommendations for working with diverse groups my help you in developing your Cultural Competence Development Plan.

For this assignment, write a paper in which you:

  • Discuss the three groupings of CLAS. How might these standards be useful in developing increased cultural competence?
  • As a consultant making recommendations to a health care organization, select three out of the 14 CLAS standards and describe how they may be helpful in making recommendations to assess, develop, or implement changes to increase cultural competence over time.
  • Read the “Recommendations for Working with Diverse Groups” from the Pérez and Luquis text (pp. 192–196). Consider how the authors say that health education must continue to develop in four areas: “awareness, knowledge, experience, and skills.” Select five recommendations and explain the following for each:
    • The importance of the recommendation.
    • How you might assess the current state in relation to that standard.
    • How you might formulate a plan.
    • How you would go about implementing the plan.
    • How you would evaluate the efforts.

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