crju 231 week 8 response 1

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I need to respond to this in 300-400 words with 2 references in A.P.A. format

For many of these juvenile men and women, they have come from a background of victimization and placing them in an environment like the correctional facilities often do not change this history. In fact, because they have been previously sexually abused, it is a lot more likely that it will happen again (Bartollas, Schmalleger, & Turner, 2019). Sadly, there is an epidemic that has started to be revealed of sexual assault in correctional facilities all over the United States. When these guards are placed in positions of such authority over the inmates, it often causes a tension and a shocking number of guards take advantage of this power (Beck, 2018). If an institution was found to have this problem of sexual victimization of inmates, the facility could take measure such as more accountability for the staff. Whether that means more cameras or never doing anything singly but going in pairs or allowing the inmates to report issues and they be investigated. Aggressive measures must be put in place to keep such acts from happening. The law of God has been written on the heart of man, as Romans 2:15, so no one has an excuse to treat any human being in such a degrading way. Psychological evaluations of current and new hires might also be a good idea to try and find the individuals who might be sexually more aggressive. Since these problems are so common in so many areas of the country, it is obviously an issue that needs to be more aggressively hunted down and target for elimination.


Bartollas, C., Schmalleger, F., & Turner, M.G. (2019). Juvenile delinquency. New York, NY: Pearson.

Beck, M. (2018, October 05). Wisconsin prison officials in one year investigated 132 claims of staff sexually abusing or harassing inmates. Retrieved March 1, 2019, from…

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