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What are NIMS and NRP/NRF? What do these mean to State and local governments, and does the response differ from a natural disaster to an incident of terrorism?

NIMS otherwise known as the National Incident Management System is a comprehensive approach to incident management that spans all level of government. The purpose of NIMS is to create an incident management system that can span across a full spectrum of incidents regardless of their size, location, or complexity. NIMS also improves coordination between public and private entities and provides a common standard for incident management.

The National Response Framework is a guide for local, state, and federal agencies on how to respond to any type of incident no matter the size. The NRF identifies the key response principles and roles of different agencies. The key concepts of the NRF are engaged partnerships, tiered response, flexible operational capabilities, unity of effort, and readiness to act.

The response to a natural disaster and an act of terrorism differ but the framework for each response is relatively the same. Both responses share the same goal of preserving life and property. An act of terrorism may require a larger police response in order to neutralize the threat and investigate the attack. While a natural disaster may require more aid in the form of temporary housing and supplies for the people involved.

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