Critical Theory

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CASIMIR: From the 2 readings I just posted on
Critical Theories, can you please choose one and complete a critical
summary on it. I would need this by the 5 Mar.

critical summary is a 2 page (double spaced) maximum 3 page assignment.
You will spend approximately 1 to 1.5 pages giving a succinct summary
of the main point or argument of the reading, with an emphasis on
explaining aspects of the reading most relevant to your own critical
For the second 1 to 1.5 pages (approximately) you with offer your own
critical engagement with the text. This may take many forms. For
example: criticizing an aspect of the author’s argument; bringing in new
lines of support for the authors position; raising and addressing
important but unaddressed questions arising from the article; applying
ideas or concepts from the text in a different context; considering how
some ideas in the text may complement or conflict with ideas in other
relevant texts related to the subject domain.

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